tom“Sails are a big investment and like the rest of your boat, they require maintenance. As the saying goes, a stitch in time, saves 9, so it is recommended that you have your sails serviced every year to increase their longevity. The more sailing you do, the more frequent the inspections should be.”

-HOOD Sailmakers’ Sales and Service Manager, Tom Braisted 

Service and maintenance is critical to extending the value and life in your sails, but its one of those things that we all tend to put on the proverbial back burner. However, with our extensive loft, easy drive up facility and/or option for pick up, it’s never been easier to get your sails in for service at HOOD.

When you bring your sails in for service at HOOD, we will assess the general condition of the sailcloth and look closely for chafing in the stitching and on the cloth. The sails are then inspected for sun damage, especially on roller furling sails. We’ll also take a close look at all corners of the sails, paying attention to all metal hardware such as headboards and pressed rings.

HOOD can take care of all inspections and any repairs that you may need at our loft in Middletown, RI. Here in the Northeast, most people pull their boats out at the end of October or early November. To have your sails ready for spring, Tom suggests the fall as the perfect time to bring them in, however we are more than willing to take a look at and service your sails anytime of year. To schedule your sail service, give Tom a call at the HOOD loft (401)849-9400 or send him an email at

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